Virtual Event: Martin Walker discusses THE SHOOTING AT CHATEAU ROCK

May 25, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
The Poisoned Pen Bookstore
4014 N Goldwater Blvd
The Poisoned Pen Bookstore

Virtual Event:  Martin Walker discusses THE SHOOTING AT CHATEAU ROCK with Barbara Peters via Facebook Live! Watch the event in real time or catch it later on Youtube.

Walker, Martin. The Shooting at Chateau Rock (Knopf $25.95, unsigned but with special postcard. Walker hopes to visit in the fall). My treat this May will be reading the 13th Bruno Courrèges mystery. Meanwhile here’s a summary: It’s summer in the Dordogne. The heirs of a Périgordian sheep farmer learn that they have been disinherited, and their father’s estate sold to an insurance company in return for a policy that will place him in a five-star retirement home for the rest of his life. But the farmer never gets his life of luxury—he dies before moving in. Was it a natural death? Was there foul play? Bruno begins the investigation that leads him to several shadowy insurance companies owned by a Russian oligarch with a Cypriot passport. The companies are based in Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg, but Bruno finds a weak spot in France: the Russian’s France-based notaire and insurance agent. As Bruno is pursuing this lead, the oligarch’s daughter turns up in the Périgord, and complications ensue, eventually bringing the action to the château of an aging rock star. As ever, Bruno still makes time for lunch and his friends, two legged and four. The PW Starred Review (mine are always starred for this delicious series) concludes: “Francophiles will relish the evocative descriptions of the Périgord region and its cuisine. Distinctive characters complement the intricate mystery. Readers new to this elegant series will feel right at home.” But why not start with Bruno, Chief of Police ($16) and binge your way through the very best mystery/escape/travel reading?

Walker has been locked down in the Périgord and hopes to visit us in September. Hence the inclusion in the signed book section. And there is a plus…a photo of Martin’s basset hound Balzac enjoying the garden.